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Clean Your Internet Browser’s Cookies Step-By-Step

If you are getting slow response from your computer than might be possible that cleaning cookies will be one of the procedure among all you are going to put. You may need to clear cookies that have saved by your browser. These are like text files, saved with information represent website that you have visited. Although these files can never be harm but if these are stored from long time than could be convert into malware. Also, you can't be able to see your changes in your website until you delete all cookies and cache. I am going to tell how you can clear the cookies of your browser. You can do it step-by-step through this article:


  • In Internet Explorer you can do it by going through tools than click Internet option. After choose General. Delete Cookies will appear in option than you can do it.
  • In Firefox go to Tools than Clear Recent History and Select time frame from the dropdown menu (if you wish all cookies removed - select everything) & Mark Cookies only and Clear Now.
  • In Opera go to Tools than select Delete Private Data choose Details and do Mark Cookies only and then delete.
  • In Konqueror go to Settings choose Configure Konqueror choose Cookies and then Management and now Delete all.
  • In Google Chrome go to Preferences, now click Under the Hood than select Clear Browsing Data than Select the time frame and check only "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data" now Clear Browsing Data.
  • In Safari go to Preferences than Security and choose Security tab than Show Cookies and now remove all.

Cleaning browser’s cookies is always a good Idea for having safe and secure browsing experience. You can do it by yourself going through this article.

Note: This article is written by Swift PC Optimizer, Which is a free registry cleaner. It works cleaning all junk files and browsing history, cookies & cache automatically from windows based computer.